A weekend trek which is as alluring as it gets, Nag Tibba offers a variety of experiences only in a weekend trek. It is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand, as it is suitable for beginners as well as children. There are no dangers of altitude sickness on this trek hence it can be enjoyed by the whole family as well. The altitude on the trek is more than 9,000 feet and situated near a popular weekend destination – Mussoorie. Thus you can visit the “Queen of Hills” as well by adding some extra days in your plan.

Starting from Patwar in Mussoorie region, the trek starts through some rocky ascent. Thus you already go through the hardship of trekking but in the process, the enchanting mountain vibe will cover you in it. After hiking for some time you enter into the dense forests of oak and rhododendrons. The mystical feeling will be shivering you as you find your trail through these forests. Every season the beauty of these forest changes itself. In winters the forest will appear like a fantasy land with the abundance of snow. While during summers the greetings of green and summer blossoms of forest can be cherished. 

Camping in Nag Tibba is an experience in itself. The trekkers camp on the edge of the forest. You will overlook the great Himalayan slopes in the far distance from there. There is a temple dedicated to serpent god. This temple marks the Nag tibba base where you will be camping with fellow trekkers. From the campsite, you see one of the most beautiful sunsets in any treks, as the legendary peaks of Himalaya paint themselves with orange and the sun goes below the horizon lined by the dense clouds below you. The starry nights will allure your eyes by their magic. As you sit in the solitude of darkness where there is no one around.

From the temple, you start hiking up towards the Nag Tibba top from where you get the breathtaking view of the Gangotri Peaks. They will unveil themselves like a proud soldier guarding you against the tidy wind of Garhwal. The summit is only 7 km away from the Nag Tibba base camp. 

There will be many experiences on the trek like ridge walks, meadow clearings, and dense forests. It is a 360-degree trek that has a different starting and finishing point. While descending, you see a completely different landscape in comparison to ascent. Thus the contrasting landscape makes this trek even more special.

The trek is perfect for anyone who lives near Delhi and thinking about a getaway from the city noise over a weekend. It is suitable for inexperienced trekkers who want to test the allure of trekking. The trekker should be fit for the trek as there are high ascent walks through the jungle. It is a 2-day trek and has a different feel during different seasons. You can reach Mussoorie from Delhi via bus, train, and flights because of its close proximity to the capital city – Dehradun.

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