Trip Highlights

Day 1 : Dehradun - Sankri
[Drive : 7-8hrs]

Day 2 : Sankri - Taluka - Gangad
[Drive : 1hr | Trek : 5-6hrs]

Day 3 : Gangaad - Kalkattiyadhar
[Trek : 6-7hrs]

Day 4 : Kalkattiyadhar - Har ki Dun
[Trek : 3-4hr ]

Day 5 : Har ki Dun - Osla
[Trek : 5-6hrs]

Day 6 : Osla - Taluka - Sankri
[Trek : 6-7hrs | Drive : 1hr]

Day 7 :Sankri - Dehradun
[Drive : 7-8hrs]

Trip Overview

Living up to its name, ʻHar ki Dunʼ!
Steeped in mythology, this beautiful Valley of Lord Shiva is nothing less than an enchanting delight for the trekkers during both summer and winter season. Nestled amidst the high mountains and the gushing streams, entering this incredible space will make one realize the vastness of the nature, and our existence as tiny beings on this planet.

While on the journey to Har ki Dun, we will witness the surroundings at its best. From wooden bridg- es, alpine meadows, pine forests, moraines and ridges, to more than 3000 years old villages with four-storey houses of wooden architecture and beautiful people residing in them; this trail is a mighty experience that will stay with you forever. The richness of this valley is not just limited to the mystical views, birds, and animals but also has a deeply rooted culture, wherein the women are outspoken and enjoy an upper hand in the family.

Located at a high altitude, trail to Har ki Dun can o er you a glimpse of astounding wildlife that exists in the forest areas here. Sight of leopards, black bear, thar, musk deer, blue sheep be a feast for your eyes. And if it is one of your lucky days, you might get to experience the magni cent glimpse of a Snow Leopard! Spotting the Flying Himalayan gri ns and golden eagles are common in the enor- mous blue skies lying above this place. This will surely be an intimate journey with the nature.

Going by the saga around this valley, the locals of Har ki Dun are believed to be the descendants of Alexander – The great Greek king, who once settled on the ground of this valley. The fair skin, long height and Persian features of the residents will de nitely make one wonder about this fact.

Be it summers, winters or monsoons all seasons are much welcoming, especially for the travel junk- ies; sometimes for the trek and sometimes for mere enjoyment of festivities in this region. One can totally sink into the culture and traditions of this valley. During the monsoon season, people here rejoice and celebrate the festival of ‘Someshwar Devta (Duryodhana)’. Around 22 villages across this valley come together and worship their deity who is also considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva.

Now we can just imagine it vicariously! But frankly, nothing better than being there and journeying that!

Trip Itinerary

Start : Dehradun & End : Dehradun

welcome you at 7:00 am at Dehradun Railway Station, Uttarakhand for our onward journey to Har ki Dun. Here an amazing road trip is in the making for you - listen to music, engage with your fellow travel- ers or just take a nap to while away 8 hours in the bus. And if all this is not your cup of tea then simply take pleasure in the altering sights from the windows of the tempo traveler For your convenience we will surely stop at di erent locations for snacking and pee breaks. (It is suggested not to read a book or play games on your mobile phone while on hilly drives, as it can cause giddiness) This wonderful long drive to reach the base for Har ki Dun will be nothing less than a refreshing morning drive. We start via the curvy roads of the hill queen Mussoorie and cross the small towns of Nainbag and Naugaon, till where river Yamuna will escort us. Passing on we further move towards Purola, and enroute have lunch, further continuing are onward journey we will be crossing Mori and Netwar towns, we will be driving amidst the lush green forests of Cedar and to top it all, along the banks of river Tons. We will also witness various streams on our way! Adding on to the adrenaline rush that is required before this trek, we cross the picturesque Netwar a small settlement in Uttarakhand, which is also the start point of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Sanctuary. Netwar is the place where river Rupin and Supin meet to form the Tons river that ows through the hills of Uttarkashi and nally reaches Dakpatthar in Dehradun

Finally, after the beautiful drive of 8 hours we now reach our destination for the day, at Sankri, this village is the last road head for Har ki Dun and Kedarkantha trek. Situated amidst lush green surroundings and apple orchards, this place is perfect to acclimatize before starting our onward journey. Proceeding to the engagements of this day, you may now freshen-up and relax. The next thing that we will do is come out of our comfort zone, go out to meet and greet the locals, collect the refreshments and other basic stu from the market, breathe the fresh air and last but not the least, a small orientation will be done before the shenanigans of coming 6 days Post all the engagements and we will have an early dinner retire to our rooms for a peaceful sleep at the guesthouse for you have a lot to look forward to

We wake-up early to the beautiful sun, amidst the rawness that Sankri has to o er! Freshen-up, pack-up, have your breakfast and by 7:30 am we get set to leave for the next destination Gangaad

Today we start with a jeep drive of about 45 minutes to an hour, on the rough roads and in the middle of dense forests and small streams to reach Taluka, which is the starting point for our trek. A short one, but thoroughly enjoyable! Driving on this narrow hilly road is surely one of its kind experiences!!!

Starting with the ups and downs of the pathway towards Gangaad, you have now entered one of the most wonderful bits of this journey. While walking on this trail you will realize that it literally leads you the ‘Valley of Gods’. From rich ora and fauna, lush greenery of Cedar, Pine and Coniferous tress to the old wooden bridges, vast meadows and the Himalayan birds ying high up in the sky... everything beautiful will accompany you throughout Taking breaks at spectacular rest points while on this trail, we will assure that you put your camera in use at di erent picturesque spots as this place is simply clickable from every angle. Moving forward we cross Seema, a small village consisting of forest rest house and some incredible views of Osla village, which will be our pathway while coming back from Har ki Dun. From here we again walk for a few miles and cross the bridge to make our way ahead towards Gangaad. Today, we will cover a distance of approximately 500 mts on foot

As we reach Gangaad we walk 20 mts downhill to arrive at our much awaited rest house for the day. Relax for a bit and then you are all set to stroll around for local exploration, just as you like! You may also visit the Someshwar Devta temple. We will stay in Gangaad tonight

After completing the morning routine today, get set for a full day long trek! Today we will attain a height of 464 mts. This is one of the long days on this trek, so be strong and keep all your munchies handy!

Starting with a fairly steep climb, we cross the Gangaad village for our onward journey towards Kalkatti- yadhar. Miles ahead, we cross Pauni Garaat, which will also be our rst rest point for today. As the name suggests, this place is used by the villagers to grind the our from di erent crops such as maize and millets Following this peaceful trail full of forests, we reach Seema, our next rest point. Walking ahead, we come across a wooden bridge hanging above the rushing river Supin, from here it’s time again to ascend further and at a point enjoy the breath-taking views of Great Himalayan peaks above 6000 mts. And these are not just for viewing purpose, people do step on these massive mountains for expeditions

30 minutes of steep climb ahead and we reach the much awaited destination of the day Kalkattiyadhar. We can now relax and set-up our alpine tents in the vast meadows of this green streach

Freshen-up as we lay out the hot breakfast at such exotic location from our very own kitchen tent. Com- paratively small stretch of trek has been kept for today but the steepness that we have to climb is more. Today is the ascend of 599 mts to reach Har ki Dun

Passing through this unbelievable path lled with dense forests, vast meadows, lush greenery, old bridges, uphill climbs, gushing streams and last but not the least, the incredible waterfall we will reach the valley of Har ki Dun. And arriving here is nothing less than a pure divine! It’s simply like our innocent childhood scenery that we used to create in our art les. There are moun- tain ranges, a stream owing from the mountains, birds, greenry and everything amazing... Here we settle down and have hot lunch...Still dipping into the beauty of nature that has left us awestruck, we get up for more For spending the day further, those who wish to explore further can visit Hata Valley a two kms walk from Har ki Dun. This place o ers a clearer and more beautiful views view of the snow capped Hima- layan peaks such as Hata peak, Swargarohini

Adding to the magic that this place creates, just 1 km more and you reach a mystical lake

Today we camp at Har ki Dun

Feel like achievers today! A new morning with a fresh start, we have already attained the heights that we came to capture on this trek; now is the time to descend. Today we trek back from Har ki Dun to Osla...

Carrying along the same awesomeness and beauty that we came up with, we tumble down to the beautiful little hamlet, Osla village
Feel like home at this cozy little homestay, bathe in leisure and relax as we have descended a 864 mts today. For rest of the day, you are free to make new friends in this village, know about their culture, sip a cup of tea with them and stroll around to see various beautiful little things that surrounds

Carrying along the same awesomeness and beauty that we came up with, we tumble down to the beautiful little hamlet, Osla village. Feel like home at this cozy little homestay, bathe in leisure and relax as we have descended a 864 mts today. For rest of the day, you are free to make new friends in this village, know about their culture, sip a cup of tea with them and stroll around to see various beautiful little things that surrounds

Take a deep breath, collect your belongings as we bid a goodbye to Osla and walk further towards Taluka. Say a bye with a wide smile on your face to all the beautiful people who come on your way

Today we stumble down more and reach Taluka, a walk of 700 mts downhill with all eye-catching views and clickable locations. Here the jeeps will be waiting for us to drop us to Sankri, our last destination for the day.
Take a bath and party hard as today is the after trek celebrations...

Be good and be strong as today we drive back to Dehradun with a hope of coming back here again!


Trek Cost :

Rs. 9800/-

Per Person (Sankri - Sankri)

Transport Cost :


Dehradun - Dehradun

Optional Cost : Porter


Trip Includes


Meals starting from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 7

Professional Guide

Professional guide to ensure high safety


Morning, evening, inroute & during the trek.

Camping Equipments

Tents, sleeping bags, toilet tents and mattress

All Taxes

All taxes included (GST)

Forest fee

Forest fee

Note : Any meals/services not mentioned above will be extra chargeble

Trip Date & Price

Departure Dates

Trip Status

Price (Per person)


12 May 2018
Rs. 9,800/-
26 May 2018
Rs. 9,800/-
09 Jun 2018
Rs. 9,800/-

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