Trip Highlights

Day 01 : Kathgodam (560mts)–Pithoragarh(1520mts)
[Drive : 8-9hrs]
Day 02 : Pithoragarh–Dharchula (950mts)
[Drive : 4-5hrs]
Day 03 : Dharchula-Lakhanpur -Lamari (2450mts)
[Drive : 2hrs / Trek : 4-5hrs]
Day 04 : Lamari-Chialekh -Nabi (3220mts.)
[Trek : 4-5hrs / Drive : 1hr]
Day 05 : Nabi - Nampa -Kuti (3600mts.)
[Drive : 1hr / Trek : 3-4hrs]
Day 06 :Kuti – Jyolingkong(4350mts)(Adi Kailash)
[Trek : 7-8hrs]
Day 07 : Jyolingkong (4350mts) rest and excursion day
Day 08 : Jyolingkong-Kuti(3600mts)
[Trek :6-7hrs]
Day 09 : Kuti - Nampa -Nabi (3220mts)
[Trek : 2-3hrs / Drive : 1hr]
Day 10 : Nabi- Nabidhang (3987 mts)(Om Parvat) -Nabi
[Drive : 1hr / Trek : 3-4hrs]
Day 11 : Rest in Nabi
Day 12 : Nabi-Chialekh–Lamari
[Drive : 1hr / Trek : 3-4hrs]
Day 13 : Lamari-Lakhanpur -Dharchula
[Trek : 3-4hrs / Drive : 1.5hr]
Day 14 : Dharchula- Kathgodam
[Drive : 10-11hrs]

Trip Overview

Adi Kailash: (6191mts) (Popularly known as Chotta Kailash) is in many ways a replica of the better known Mt. Kailash in Tibet, especially in appearance. Adi-Kailash, however is in Indian Territory close to the Indo-Tibetan border, it is an area of great natural beauty, peace and serenity. Men and women, tired by the incessant roar of urban life, will find here a healing quietude, conducive to looking inward and discoursing with one’s inner self. At the very foot of Mt. Kailash is Gaurikund, whose water reflects the mountain itself. Close by is ParvatiSarovar, also called “Mansarovar‟ but much smaller than the original. On the bank of the Sarovar, local people have erected a temple of Shiva and Parvati. After the Chinese occupied Tibet, from Gunji, Indian Sadhus or pilgrims offered their prayers here, to Lord Shiva, and took their journey to Kuti followed by Jyolingkong at an altitude of over 14500 feet to have a ‘Darshan‘, of this mountain. When we enter this magical place, for a moment you feel, why the God chose this place for their abode.
OM Parvat: From Gunji the route branches off to Kalapani where the Kali river originates and then on to Nabidhang (3987mts) (Lipu Pass is only 9kms ahead). At Nabidhang we can see “Om Parvat” a miracle of nature, snow lies in the mountain in the shape of a perpetual “ॐ”. All other slopes may be bare but this inscription in snow is everlasting and as one observes it, one gets the feeling that the mountain itself is Lord Shiva’s incarnate as – ‘The destroyer’, showing himself in a rare glimpse.A virgin peak largely because of its religious significance, the most astounding trait of this peak is the miraculous impression of “ॐ” naturally formed with the deposition of snow against black background of the mountain. Being the only one to be discovered among 8 such natural “ॐ” formations in the Himalayas, Om Parvat is also a part of the Kailash trilogy in the Himalayas which consists of Kailash Manasasarovar (BadaKailash – Tibet, China), Adi Kailash (Chota Kailash, Om Parvat – Kumaon, Uttarakhand), and KinnaurKailash (Himachal Pradesh). No hypothesis, no assumption and no imagination are required to visualize “ॐ”. The symbol and guide to mediation connecting Man, God and the Universe chanted at the beginning and finale of all proceedings, extolled in the Upanishads as the best and most effective symbol of God.
During Adi-Kailash and Om ParvatYatra/Trekking expedition, you will come across the mighty splendor of the snow peaks of Api, Nampha, Tinker and Ganeshaparvat massif naming western Nepal’s Himalayan peak, the gushing Kali river, forest, can see the enchanting beauty of Chaudas, Byaas and Darma Valley, tradition villages likeGarbyang, Gunji, Nabi, Kuti and, Chialekhenroute. From Chialek we can see the mind blowing Bugyal which is full of alpine wild flowers, Himalayan herbs, Great Himalayan peaks, peace and serenity. Enroute to Adi-Kailash from Chhialekh, Gunji, Nabi, Kuti we see a breath taking view of the Himalayan peaks. You can catch the different and ever changing moods of thesnow in Adi Kailash Yatra. Snow covered mountains, beautiful rivers, peaks, which seems to touch the sky green meadows and treacherous glaciers make this area a heaven for those seeking high adrenaline doses.
The Villages: The local folk called “Shauka” and “Rang” of Garbyang, Gunji, Nabi, and Kuti has much to say about their land. The village Kuti is named after Kunti, the mother of Pandavas. Kunti apparently stayed at this spot for some time. Likewise they claim that the great sage Vyas lived here for a long time and wrote many books. The bhotiyas have preserved their heritage assiduously and are always ready to show glimpses of it through dance and music.

Trip Itinerary

Start : Kathgodam & End : Kathgodam

The Guest will be reaching Kathgodam from Delhi by night train. On reaching Kathgodam they will board the awaiting vehicles (Tempo Traveler/ jeeps) and continue their journey onwards for Pithoragath. Breakfast will be enroute. The drive to reach Pithoragarh from Kathgodam will be around 250kms which will take us 7-8hrs. Lunch will also be enroute.
Today we will stay at a Hotel/Guesthouse in Pithoragarh. Dinner at the Hotel

Today, after breakfast we will again start our onward journey to reach Dharchula which is around 90kms drive from Pithoragarh. This drive will take us around 4-5hrs to reach Dharchula. Enroute we will be passing the very famous Jauljibi Temple. From here we will be driving along the river MahaKali (Kali river marks the border between India and Nepal). During lunch time we will reach our day’s destination i.e Dharchula. Here, rooms at a Hotel/Guesthouse will be provided to our Guest. After some rest we can go out to explore the township of Dharchula. We can even visit Nepal by crossing a bridge to reach the other side. This day a team briefing about following days will be done at the Hotel/Guesthouse. After dinner overnight stay in Dharchula

After an early breakfast we will head for our first campsite (Lamari), of our Yatra. Today we will drive for about 40kms to reach Lakhanpur by Jeeps/Tempo Traveler, and from Lakhanpur, we trek for about 9kms to reach Lamari. Here at Lamari we stay at fixed accommodations.

Today we trek for 9kms to reach Chialekh and from here we drive for about 16kms till Nabi by Jeep. Here at Nabi we will be putting up in a Village stay

Be This day we will drive for 14kms till Nampa and then from here we will trek for about 6kms till Kuti. Today also we will have a Village stay

This is the longest day of our Yatra as we will be trekking for around 14kms. For this day we would suggest the elderly people to use horse/mules to cover this 14kms stretch. Horses can be provided if informed prior to the trek. We Camp here for the night in tents.

This is the rest day and the entire day can be utilized for photography or visit to the temple. Our group can even do the parikrama of Parvarti Sarovar which takes around 2hrs to complete the circle. Horses can also be arranged for the same.

Today’s trek is all the way downhill of about 14kms. We will spend the night in a village Homestay.

This day we again trek for 6kms the entire trail will be a downhill walk till Nampa and from there we drive till Nabi which is about 14kms by Jeep. This day’s stay will be a village stay at Nabi.

On this day we start with our second phase of yatra to visit Om parvat. Today we drive for 12kms to reach Kalapani(the source of Maha Kali river). Then from Kalapani to Nabidhang we will be trekking for 8kms (here we see the first glimpse of OM parvat). After having the ‘Darshan’ of Om parvat from Nabhidang, we trek back to Kalapani, where vehicles will be waiting to drive us back to Nabi. [In case the Indian Army allows our vehicles to go upto Nabidhang from Kalapani then the entire drive will be of 40kms from Nabi to Nabidhang] . Today’s stay will again be at Nabi (Village Stay).

After completing almost ¾th of our yatra this day will be a rest day and can be utilized for village visit and local interaction.

This day we will again drive back for around 14kms up till Chialekh and then trek 9kms to reach Lamari. Here we stay in a fixed accommodation for the night

This will be our last day of trekking. Today we trek for about 9kms to Lakhanpur and then drive for 40kms up till Dharchula. Tonight we stay in Dharchula where our tired guests can indulge in hot bath and party as we have successful completed our Yatra.

Today after an early breakfast we board the awaiting vehicles and leave for Kathgodam. The drive will be around 280kms and will take us 10-11hrs. Here we say goodbye to our guests as this marks the completion of our Yatra. We wish to see you guys again on more such beautiful trips.
Our trip ends here.

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