About Outdoor Monks

We are a team fueled by the love for the Mountains, the hunger for experiences and the passion to share experiences. We curate and operate responsible and safe travel oppurtunities into the wild, and the unknown. We take you to places you havent seen before, taking you to new heights, helping you push your limits in a safe enviornment with well trained and experienced trip leaders and guides. Our motto is to provide experiences that nurture the traveller without harming natural ecosystem and promoting green trails. We beleive that life is all about experiences and travel brings the chance to experience the next new, a chance to explore both yourself and the outside, meet new cultures, and experience nature through a comfortable journey with safety standards and calculated adventures.

We are here to assist travellers, trekkers, adventures and leisure travellers in next travel plans and provide options and curated trips organised under set standadrds and parameters of comfort and safety.

Our aim is not only to summit peaks but also to cater experiences that leaves an impact of a lifetime, and create 'Journeys for life'.